Aditya Assarat, Film, fact and fiction

Aditya Assarat

Film, fact and fiction

November 2007 - Aditya Assarat, 2004-2005 Film Protégé

After watching film-maker and Mira Nair work on The Namesake during his mentoring year, Aditya Assarat pursued his own plans. “I learned what doesn’t work,” he says. “And I’m back on the right track.”

The talented Thai director has shifted his focus and decided to make his first feature film with whatever means he has at his disposal. “I learned that there are two ways to make a film: either you take your dream film, with its dream budget, and try to find the necessary funding, or you set your shooting date, make some compromises about the script, the cast and the format, and forge ahead with the money you’ve got".

The result is Wonderful Town, which tells the story of a village getting back on its feet after the devastating tsunami of 2004. With a predilection for true stories and a faithful portrayal of reality, much like Mira Nair, Aditya Assarat had already made several documentaries. Not wanting to lose his touch, he has just finished 12 episodes of a documentary about Laos for Thai television.

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