Anani Dodji Sanouvi, Portfolio

March 2006 - Anani Dodji Sanouvi, 2006-2007 Dance Protégé

As part of the Rolex Arts Initiative selection process, potential protégés are invited to
submit samples of their work, which show the range of their skills and talent.
In this video Anani Dodji Sanouvi presents the following works:

G Chaire Chez
Concept: Anani Dodji Sanouvi

Music: Crisitina Viana

Lecture Visual
Concept: Anani and Ayoko Foli

Story Teller: Ayoko Foli

Concept: Anani and Christiane da Cunha

Video Art: Christiane da Cunha

Concept: Anani and Annette Vogel