Celina Murga, La Tercera Orilla

Celina Murga

La Tercera Orilla

August 2011 - Celina Murga, 2008-2009 Film Protégée

Argentinian film-maker Celina Murga is preparing to direct her third feature film, La tercera orilla (The Third Side of the River).

Martin Scorsese, who mentored Murga in 2008-2009, has agreed to be executive producer of the film, which will tell the story of a 16-year-old who is faced with a universal dilemma – choosing between his father’s wishes and his own freedom.

During her mentoring year, Murga was working on the treatment and then the script for The Third Side of the River. Early this year, Waterland Film Amsterdam was granted funds from the Hubert Bals Fund Plus for the post-production of La tercera irilla. Part of the post-production will take place in the Netherlands. The film will be produced by Celina Murga’s company, Tresmilmundos Cine, and the German producer Peter Rommel. The Rolex Arts Initiative has also provided financial support which each protégé is eligible to receive for a specific project after the mentorship.

Murga points out that this is the first film for which she has been able to find co-production partners abroad. “I know it’s not a coincidence,” she says. “It’s due in large part to the Rolex mentorship and the fact that my film will have Martin Scorsese’s support. He played a big part, but it was in a very human way,” she adds of Scorsese’s advice on her new film. “He was very generous with his time and encouraged me to ask him for what I really needed instead of pushing me to do things his way.”

In June 2011, to find an actor to play Nicolas, the film’s main character, Murga travelled to three different cities in the Argentinian province of Entre Ríos where she also visited schools, hospitals and countryside houses to find locations. “It is a very stimulating process,” she says, “I had the opportunity to meet and talk to youngsters in the region, to see real locations. It has given me lots of ideas. This is a very important stage of the production.” Filming is due to begin in early 2012.

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