Celina Murga, Protégés in Locarno

Celina Murga

Protégés in Locarno


December 2008 - Celina Murga, 2008-2009 Film Protégée

In August 2008, Celina Murga and Josué Méndez of Peru (protégé 2006/2007) met at the internationally renowned Film Festival Locarno, where talented film-makers and producers from around the world present their latest projects.

Murga attended the festival to participate in the Open Doors Factory, a workshop designed to help directors and producers of works in progress to find co-production partners and complete their films. She presented The Third Side of the River, her film-in-progress and one of 12 Latin American projects selected for the workshop.

Josué Méndez was in Locarno for the world premiere of his second feature film, Dioses, a candid portrayal of the gilded youth of Lima.

Before the festival, Murga spent more than seven weeks with the great director Martin Scorsese on the set of his latest film, Shutter Island. She presented her second feature film, Una Semana Solos (A Week Alone), at the Venice and London Film Festivals in September and October 2008, with the coveted designation "Martin Scorsese Presents".

Also in October, she was given the rare privilege of observing Scorsese in his editing room as he worked on Shutter Island, which will be released in 2009.

Celina Murga

Protégés in Locarno


December 2008 - Celina Murga, 2008-2009 Film Protégée

You are now preparing your new film The Third Side of the River. At what stage are you?
I have a treatment and I’m developing the script, which I’m writing myself. I’m also looking for funds.

Did you talk about your presence at this Open Doors Factory with Martin Scorsese? Did he give you any advice on how to handle producers and industry partners?
Yes. He said this sort of initiative is important, that it could help find the money to make my film. Mr Scorsese did not give me advice on producers or partners yet, but when we were discussing my previous film, I asked his advice on getting that distributed and Mr Scorsese offered to present it, to put his name on it.

How is the Open Doors Factory going?
Excellently. First, we had two days training on how to pitch our film projects, giving us presentation techniques, and by the end of the second day, when we all presented our projects, we could see progress in this area within every director-producer pair! Today we started individual meetings – they last just seven minutes – with potential partners. My producer, Juan, and I have already had eight meetings with people from all over Europe. And we will have another two days of these one-on-one meetings, probably 30 all together.

Next in your agenda is the Venice Festival, taking part in la Giornate Degli Autori – Venice Days. What are your expectations?
I expect to get more recognition. It is most important to screen to international audiences and to get a feel of how they react to your film.

I will have reviews, and that is also important for the future of the film that will be screened in Venice – how it is programmed in festivals, for sales – as well as for the future of my other projects. Actually, the film has already been invited to the London Film Festival in October, as well as to Vienna, Thessaloniki and to Munich next year.

Finally, what are the next meetings planned with your mentor, Martin Scorsese?
I shall return to Buenos Aires for three weeks before spending four days in Venice. I expect to travel to New York to meet Martin Scorsese at the end of September. He has begun editing his latest film now and will be working non-stop. His editing is a long process, about one year what with editing sound and image, and doing post-production.

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