Josué Mendez, Protégés in Locarno

Josué Méndez

Protégés in Locarno

December 2008 - Josué Méndez, 2006-2007 Film Protégé

In August 2008, Josué Méndez and Celina Murga of Argentina (protégée 2008/2009) met at the internationally renowned Film Festival Locarno, where talented film-makers and producers from around the world present their latest projects. Méndez was in Locarno for the world premiere of his second feature film, Dioses, a candid portrayal of the gilded youth of Lima.

During the making of the film, Méndez had the benefit of advice from his mentor. Stephen Frears passed on his knowledge and artistic experience to Méndez at key stages of the film-making process, firstly by reading and commenting on the script and then working at the young director's side during editing. Early in the process – shortly before shooting began on set – Frears paid a visit to his protégé in Lima, where he met the actors and the production team.

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