Aurelio Martínez, Album named a winner

Aurelio Martínez

Album named a winner

February 2012 - Aurelio Martínez, 2008-2009 Music Protégé

WorldMusicCo U.K. has awarded Aurelio Martínez’s album Laru Beya sixth place in the Top 20 World Music Albums of 2011. The list of winners was compiled from all world music albums released in 2011 that were received by WorldMusicCo U.K.

The albums are judged for overall enjoyment, creativity, musicianship, production, consistency, originality, vision and that elusive ‘duende’ that makes them stand out from the crowd.

In the review of Laru Beya on the WorldMusicCo website, they write:
“Aurelio is a highly talented musician, conscious composer and passionate performer with an excellent band behind him, as well as being the prime advocate for a unique culture. If anyone is going to put the Garifuna culture onto the map, it’s Aurelio Martínez.”

Laru Beya can be purchased as a CD or MP3 download on major internet websites selling CDs.

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