Federico León, Between stage and screen

Federico León

Between stage and screen

November 2007 - Federico León, 2002-2003 Theatre Protégé

There is only one step from stage to screen and Federico León has taken that step not once, but twice. Last April, the Buenos Aires Independent Film Festival screened his second feature film, Estrellas. The film was inspired by a documentary shot in the barrios of Buenos Aires by the young Argentine playwright, director, actor and producer of The Buenos Aires Artistic Shantytown Project, an installation presented in Berlin in June 2005.

As early as 2003, this exceptionally creative artist had declared: “The type of theatre I create borders on cinema.” For Federico León, working in theatre means taking part in every step of the production process. And he means what he says. He developed Argentina’s avant-garde theatre on a shoestring budget. To date he has written four plays, three of which he has also directed – winning many awards. He is currently writing a new play, which he plans to produce in 2008. Inspired by the 1930s, the new work has a dog in the lead role and features video presentations.

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