Sang Jijia

Reflection of Another

December 2004 - Sang Jijia, 2002-2003 Dance Protégé

This dance was created by Sang Jijia after his year as a protégé in the inaugural Rolex Mentor and Protégé Arts Initiative.

Does this dance have a meaning?
Mainly the dance evokes for me a feeling, or rather feelings. This dance mixes two different emotions: sharpness and calmness.

How has your cultural background influenced your vision of dance?
My cultural background naturally influences my vision of dance, because, whatever I do, my cultural background remains the same. I carry my culture with me.

What inspired you as you created this dance?
As I created Reflection of Another, I was interested in the question of how much of an artistic work reflects the influence of people around you, and how much comes from inside yourself.

Composing this work was not an easy exercise, but it was a useful one.

You said that in using Tibetan folk songs, you wanted to find out something new about yourself. What did you discover?
I have been familiar with the music that I used for the performance since I was a child. But now I’m using it in Frankfurt, where the dancers had never heard it before. They were able to point out to me elements of the music, like the rhythm, that I was not even aware of. So I discovered new aspects of the music.

Did Reflection of Another change as you created and rehearsed with the dancers?
Of course, the dancers changed the dance as we tried it out. This should happen with every good dance troupe I work with. A good dancer can change my ideas about a dance as we work on it.

Is your year of work with William Forsythe evident in Reflection of Another?
Some people have said they can see the influence of Bill Forsythe in the piece, and that’s fine if they do, but I’m not sure about the influence. I have a very strong dance style of my own, and I’m just doing my best to produce a good work. I want to continue in the same direction in the future

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