Federico León, Las Multitudes

Federico León

Las Multitudes

July 2012 - Federico León, 2002-2003 Theatre Protégé

A crowd of 120 actors appear in a new work conceptualised, written and directed by former protégé Federico León.

Las Multitudes, a play about the search for identity within the collective, recently premiered in Argentina and will be re-created in Germany in September with an almost entirely new cast of German actors.

Photos by Sebastián Arpesella

Photos by Sebastián Arpesella

The actors are divided into five age groups, ranging from children to seniors. Each group of 24 functions as one character, whereby any emotion felt by one person in a group is reflected in all the others. Through conflict created by the unrequited love of a teenage boy for a teenage girl, the isolated groups slowly discover common ground and become a singular entity. As the play progresses, all 120 actors sometimes respond as one and may cry, show anger or dance with joy in unison.

Photos by Sebastián Arpesella

Photos by Sebastián Arpesella

Inspired by a simple vision of a crowded stage, León took the challenge of creating a work in which a large group of people, so different and disintegrated from one another, eventually integrate. For him, the crowd on the stage represents mankind and is a mirror, of sorts, for the audience. León hopes that, despite the large numbers of actors involved, each scene is somehow intimate and the spectators will remember every individual within the multitudes.

Las Multitudes is a co production between TACEC (Centro de Experimentación y Creación del Teatro Argentino de La Plata), Foreign Affairs and Siemens Stitfung with the collaboration of IICES (Instituto de Intercambio Cultural Ensamble al Sur).

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