, 2012-2013 protégé finalists announced

2012-2013 protégé finalists announced

Meet the international array of impressive artists chosen as potential protégés for the next cycle of the Rolex Mentor and Protégé Arts Initiative:

Eduardo Fukushima, 28, is a Brazilian choreographer and dancer who creates and produces his own work. He also teaches, and performs for other choreographers.

Alain Lucien Øyen is an award-winning, 33-year-old writer, choreographer and director in Norway. He is the founding artistic director of Winter Guests, a company of both dance and theatre.

Alexandra Waierstall, 32, of Cyprus and Germany is an international choreographer and founder of two companies: Alexandra Waierstall / Noema Dance Works and THEARTSPACE. She resides in Germany.

Sara Fgaier, 29, is a freelance film editor living in Italy. A film she worked on, La bocca del lupo, won more than 20 awards in international film festivals including top prize at the Turin Film Festival. She also teaches editing courses.

Thomas Marchand, of France, 32, is a film editor whose work has been presented at Cannes and Locarno several times. Love Like Poison, a film he worked on with Katell Quillévéré, won the Prix Jean Vigo at Cannes.

Livia Serpa, 29, of Brazil is a self-employed film editor in London, England, where she recently completed her master's studies. The films she has worked on have won awards in festivals in Italy, the United States, France, Brazil, the United Kingdom, and Cuba.

Zac Stuart-Pontier, 28, is an American film editor working in New York. During his time at New York University, he won three consecutive Editing Craft Awards and has since worked on commercials, short films, music videos and documentaries.


Naomi Alderman is a 37-year-old writer from the U.K., currently working on her third novel. Her novel Disobedience won the 2006 Orange Award for New Writers She also writes for computer games.

Preeta Samarasan, 37, is a Malaysian writer living in France. She published her first novel in 2008, has been a university instructor and teaching assistant in the U.S. and has also studied music at the master’s level.

Claire Vaye Watkins, 27, is an assistant professor of English at Bucknell University in Pennsylvania. Her fiction and non-fiction has been seen in a wide variety of publications, and her first collection of short stories, Battleborn, will be published later this year.

Mary Watson, 36, moved to Ireland from her native South Africa in 2009. Her writing explores the fusion of dream and waking, magical and real. Her short story Jungfrau won the Caine Prize in 2006.

Dina Elwedidi, 24, is a freelance singer/songwriter living and working in her native Egypt. She collaborates with many artists, including Grammy Award winner Fathy Salama.

Polycarp Onyango Awino, or “Winyo", 29, is a Kenyan guitarist, songwriter, TV producer and script writer. He has recently completed recording his debut solo CD titled Benga Blues.

Issiaka Ba 32, known as “Amkoullel” is the director and general manager of an international festival in his home country of Mali, as well as founder of Woklo Barka record label. He is a performing and recording artist, and creator of "koterap", which mixes hip hop and traditional dance, dance and comedy.

Caecilie Trier of Denmark is a 29-year-old musician. She writes, arranges and produces as well as sings, plays keyboards and cello. She is a member of several musical groups, including her own, Chimes and Bells.

Jean-Pierre Baro, 33, is a French director and actor. He founded a theatre group, Extime Compagnie, in Paris in 2004.

Michał Borczuch is a 32-year-old theatre director, working freelance throughout his native Poland. He is also a lecturer at Ludwik Solski State School of Drama.

Marcus Lindeen of Sweden, 31, is a director and playwright for both theatre and cinema. He co-directed Accidentes Gloriosos, which recently won a prize at the Venice International Film Festival.

Barbara Wysocka, 33, of Poland, is an actress and director of theatre
and opera throughout Poland. She is a member of the permanent company of
the National Stary Theatre in Cracow.

Visual Arts:
Milena Bonilla is a 36-year-old Colombian artist currently living in Amsterdam, where she recently completed a two-year residency at the National Academy of Fine Arts.

Mateo Lopez, 33, is an installation artist whose work has been featured internationally. He has been an artist in residence in Brazil, Colombia, Canada and the U.K.

Darinka Pop-Mitic, of Serbia, 36, is an artist who also writes about art and its relation to society. Her work is part of the permanent collection in the Museum of Contemporary Art, Belgrade.