Maya Zbib, From Beirut to London

From Beirut to London

July 2014 - Maya Zbib, 2010-2011 Theatre Protégée

The Zoukak Theatre Company and Cultural Association appeared at London’s LIFT Festival.

Lebanese actor and director Maya Zbib is dedicated to creating theatrical works that make an impact on society. In her role of political theatre-maker, the co-founder and manager of Beirut’s Zoukak Theatre Company and Cultural Association, and a 2010 – 2011 Rolex protégée, participated in the 2014 LIFT Festival in London.

The festival, which is held every two years, brings unique experiences to the culturally curious in London by presenting pioneering new forms of theatre that change the way we think. LIFT 2014 took place from 2 – 29 June.

As part of the festival, Zoukak performed the first phase of their new production, He Who Saw Everything, as a work in progress on 20 – 21 June at the Battersea Arts Centre in south London. The performance, directed by Zbib and Omar Abi Azar, was billed as “a theatre investigation on death, the value of life, and new forms of quests for immortality in contemporary societies”.

In this vein, the production fitted into the summer calendar of LIFT, which attracts tens of thousands of people from across all of London to a variety of venues and types of performances that offer unforgettable theatrical encounters.