Masanori Handa, A miniature landscape garden

Masanori Handa

A miniature landscape garden

June 2015 - Masanori Handa, 2008-2009 Visual Arts Protégé

Masanori Handa’s third solo show at Ota Fine Arts in Tokyo was a site-specific installation titled nakakiyo no entakukei, a title referring, in part, to a long humid night and to the tables that help make up the installation. Handa, mentored by Rebecca Horn in 2008–2009, previously showed the installation in Singapore, at his first solo exhibition in the Southeast Asian city. This intricate evocation of a broad Asian nature scene is typical of the young Japanese artist’s work, using an assortment of trailing vines, timber, cement, canvas, foam and fabric to invite viewers – using their senses of touch, hearing, sight and smell – into a series of unexpected encounters.

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