Antonio Garcia Angel

Antonio Garcia Angel

The protégé

Published in 2005

“My main objective in life is to write,” declares Antonio García Ángel.

One goal in life
“My main objective in life is to write,” declares Antonio García Ángel. With only one novel to his credit, the 31-year-old author is considered one of Colombia’s best young writers. Much to his delight, he will be working with his literary hero, fellow South American, Mario Vargas Llosa. “Vargas Llosa has already had a fundamental influence on my work,” says García Ángel whose style echoes that of his Peruvian mentor.

Studies at Bogotá’s Pontificia Universidad Javerianaz
García Ángel’s talent for writing was first recognized at Bogotá’s Pontificia Universidad Javeriana where he received degrees in both literature and communications. Since then, he has taught at the university (1998-2001), worked as a writer and host for Caracol Television, produced two documentaries, written television scripts and articles, and, for the past year, served as an editor of SoHo magazine. He also found time to fulfil his ambition to write his first novel – a thriller set in Bogotá.

Humour and intrigue
Captivating from the first page, the highly acclaimed and best-selling book – Su casa es mi casa (Your House is My House) – published in 2001, combines humour and intrigue in the gripping story of a university student who receives a mysterious package addressed to a former tenant of his flat. Through the use of colloquial and evocative language, García Ángel brings his characters vividly to life and captures the essence of Bogotá’s urban landscape.

A second novel
García Ángel intends to continue writing his second novel during the mentoring year. “My work with Vargas Llosa will help me define my own style and find the most personal and appropriate voice in which I want to write,” he says.