Eduardo Fukushima

Eduardo Fukushima

The protégé

Published in 2013

A Brazilian with mixed Italian and Japanese ancestry, Eduardo Fukushima is a dancer and choreographer whose work is being recognized by both the public and critics in his country.

Fukushima graduated in communication of the physical arts at the Pontifical Catholic University of São Paulo in 2011. He trained with many of Brazil’s leading figures in contemporary dance and created his first solo piece in 2004.

Fukushima won acclaim for Between Contentions (2008) and How to Overcome the Great Tiredness? (2009/2010). Both pieces follow a line of investigation that starts from gesture and movement. As for his mentor Lin Hwai-min, motion is the vehicle to convey his inner spirit. “I am interested in the study of movement. I dance because my body pushes me to move,” says Fukushima, who created the solo Crooked Man in Taiwan. For Fukushima, his mentoring year was “a deep learning process”. “… it was so enriching to be close to an experienced artist,” he says, “and I came to understand his way of work, his journey as an artist.” In addition to performing, Fukushima now intends to teach dance students in São Paulo.