Michał Borczuch

Michał Borczuch

The protégé

Published in 2013

Michał Borczuch, one of the most interesting new voices in Polish theatre, is known for mould-breaking productions that often challenge popular trends and tastes.

“I try to combine different and sometimes contradictory aesthetics in my work,” says the 32-year-old director, who looks for inspiration from actors whom he engages creatively in experimentation and improvisation.

He received master’s degrees from both Cracow’s fine arts academy and school of drama, where he currently lectures. Since 2005, he has been directing plays in Polish theatres and at international cultural festivals, beginning with works by modern Polish playwrights and moving to the classics. Among his adaptations are The Picture of Dorian Gray (2009), Werther (2009), Twelfth Night (2010), Brand. The City. The Chosen Ones (2011), and Hans, Dora i Wilk (Hans, Dora and Wolf, 2012), inspired by Sigmund Freud.

Borczuch’s production of Bernard-Marie Koltès’s Quai Ouest (Quay West) will premiere in Wrocław in October 2013. “When I started to follow [mentor Patrice Chéreau] I felt a breath of fresh air – that I can go outside Poland, look on Polish theatre from a distance, compare it with things I’ve heard from him about his productions and his way of working.”